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Web Design Prices

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Website Design Prices

how much will a website cost

At a Glance Pricing

  • Paid monthly options from £10/month
  • One Page Websites from £100
  • Starter Websites From £250
  • Brochure Style Bespoke Websites from £500
  • Ecommerce / Online Shop from £1000
  • Photographers Websites from £150
  • Build Your Own Photographers Website From £50/year

All websites come with their own Content Management System (CMS) and each option maybe upgraded or downgraded as required.

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Website Hosting

  • Price vary dependant on the website type, size and amount of traffic
  • From £100 per year or £10 per month

Please Contact Us if you would like a quote to host an existing website

Domain Names

  • .co.uk* £15 per year
  • .com £22 per year

* The cost of a .co.uk domain name is included in a hosting package

Ongoing Maintenance

  • From £40 per month
  • SEO individually quoted

Speak to us about Monthly Payment Options

Many websites will require a custom build to a spefication and therefore we wouldn't have a fixed price to display. We will look at your requirements and objectives and provide as competitive an estimate as possible.

The cost of a custom built website will depend on a number of factors and is based on the amount of time required to create it.

However, for many websites not requiring custom development we are able to offer easy monthly payments. Please view our Monthly Payment Options with prices starting at just £25.00 per month.

Please Contact Us with details of your requirements and to discuss payment options.

If the monthly payment option doesn't appeal to you then the following outlines some of the charges you may expect for a standard type website, not requiring custom development work.

Photographers Websites: From £50 per year / £5 per month using our 'Build Your Own' system with Websites For photographers. Alternatively, we can build a fully functioning, professional photographers website, with prices starting at just £150 / £15 per month.

Please visit our Photographers Web Design page for further details.

Rental Property / Letting Agents Websites: From just £10 per month, £100 for one year or £150 for 2 years we can develop a new lettings website for both agents and private landlords in conjunction with our rental portal 'RoomsForLet'

Starter Websites

Get your professionally created website up and running quickly and cost effectively. Ideal for new and small businesses and allows you to test our service with low expenditure. Prices start at just £250. We can even offer you a low cost full trial of the system before you commit further. More details.

One Page Websites

Built to a similar structure to our Starter Websites above so are easily scalable to a fully functioning, multi page website, our One Page Websites start at Just £100. One Page Websites are ideal for use as a 'holding page' as your main website is developed or as a landing page from Pay Per Click and other marketing campaigns, linking to a main website. More details

Bespoke Website Design

Upgrade from one of the above or we can quote on a purpose built, bespoke website based on your requirements and objectives. Prices start at £500. More details

Ecommerce / Shopping System

Set up an ecommerce store integrated with paypal and a payment processing option of your choice. Prices start at £1000 or from £75/month. More details


Speak to us about monthly payment options for all our website and hosting packages.

Please visit Services for more details on all our options.

If you are considering a new website or looking for a price to revamp an existing site please feel free to complete our form or contact us on 0844 381 9030