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Website Maintenance and Management

Website Maintenance and Management

We provide a website management, maintenance and updating service to all our customers which can be utilised for any purpose.

For the vast majority of clients, updating a website is something that is generally ignored. Even with the best will in the world, other priorities take precedence and many a website suffers due to not being refreshed or retains outdated content.

In terms of SEO, updating existing content and adding new, fresh, quality content on a regular basis, is extremely important.

Content Management System

Although all our websites come with a powerful and easy to use Content Management System, many clients prefer to allow us to maintain a site on their behalf.

Maintenance may include simple text and image updates. Editing or resizing  images is an issue for most with little or no experience of image editing software.

Monthly Website Maintenance

However, in many cases this monthly updating and management service would be based around SEO in monitoring Google Analytics and Search Console data, monitoring rankings for particular search phrases and optimising existing and new content accordingly.

A News or Blog article may be provided in 'skeleton' form which we would flesh out, optimising for specific phrases based on the data we have to hand.

How Much to update a Website?

Our website updating and maintenance packages are tailored to individual client needs and prices start at just £40 per month for 2 hours work per month or £70 for 4 hours.

There is no minimum term for our monthly maintenance services but payment must be made by recurring card payment. This can be cancelled at anytime simply by emailing us.

We can also work on a time basis, invoiced for work done. Our hourly rates start at £35 per hour depending on the complexity of the work required.

We can carry out updating and maintenance work where we have created the website in house or for those created by a third party and hosted elsewhere.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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