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Social Media Marketing, Google Plus, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles

Social media continues to grow with Facebook and Twitter being more than simply social networks.

They are becoming central to the every day life of most people.

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It extremely important for businesses to actively engage in social media for a number of reasons:

  1. Interacting with new and existing clients
  2. Broadening brand awareness
  3. Increasing client base
  4. Improving search engine rankings
  5. Increasing sales

Many businesses now use social media to support customers with issues they may have, meaning a swift response to any queries where previously a customer may have waited some time for a response.

Building a following on Facebook and Twitter is essential in trying to generate new business.

While we recomend most businesses run their own social media profles in-so-far as customer support is concerned, we can assist in setting up and optimising Facebook pages, Twiiter profiles and Google Plus accounts.

Once set up the client can then take over management of the page or profiles.

However, as keeping social media content fresh is very important we can manage this for you, to some extent, if you so wish.

Furthermore, we can set up automatic posting to social  media accounts directly from sections of your website. This content may come from a Products section or News or Blog as an example. Where a new News item or Product is added to the website this can be automatically pushed to your social media accounts.

This creates a number of benefits:

In the past, links pointing to a website have helped improve search engine rankings of said website. It was the case that the more links a website had pointing to it the better the rankings could be.

This left the practice of link building open to abuse.

Google  became wise to this and elected to stop websites benefitting from large numbers of links and in many cases penalising  websites for acquiring what it recognised as spam links.

Other search engines followed suit.

Website links have in many ways been replaced by links from Social Media profiles which are more difficult to manipulate.

Posting a link from your own Social Media pages back to your website acts as a vote for your website. These posts can be shared, retweeted, liked etc which generates additional links back and making the post (and linked website) more relevant.

Therefore maintaining a good Social Media presence can improve the traffic to your website from search engines as well as keeping that brand awareness alive.


More and more people are now using location in addition to usual search criteria, adding in a town or city to a search phrase.

Optimising for local searches should be a given for most smaller, local   businesses. A quality and well optimised Google+ profile is the natural next step for increasing local search  traffic.

A verified Google+ profile will put you on the Maps (Places) section of Google so is increasingly important.

Relevant posts to Google+ with well placed hashtags utilising keywords can place  that post directly into the 1st page of Google results for that phrase.

We can assist in the setting up and optimisation of a Google+ page, adding some relevant posts and then handing over to you for future updating. Please contact us for more information.

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