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Pat had used a number of 'build your own' website systems but none fulfilled all her requirements. Either she couldn't achieve the appearance she was looking for, the system was complex to manage or costs were prohibitive. She provided a number of links to websites she liked the look of and asked us to build one along those lines but also required a CMS that was easy to use.

We have built a CMS system specifically with photographers in mind which offer all the features required on a website for photographers both in front end elements as well as back end functionality allowing us to keep costs down.

It was therefore just a matter of 'skinning' up the existing system with a few design tweaks. This ensured Pat got the website she wanted but at an affordable cost.

If you are a photographer considering a new website why not ask for a quote. We believe we can provide a purpose built website at a fraction of the cost of other developers. Please get in touch!

Please contact us if you would like further information on our website design and development services or require a quote on a similar system.

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