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Wholsesale, Cash and Carry Web Design

Nields are a Manchester, UK based cash and carry specialising in pound and clearance lines with many discounted branded lines available on a weekly basis. Their aim is to ensure a retailers business is stocked with 'breadwinner" lines to keep customers coming back for more.

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The brief from Nields was to modernise their existing cash and carry website which was old and outdated. We were also required to integrate the front end of the website with their existing ordering platform. This would allow them to display all products currently available to customers on the front end. A set up such as this would also help to improve search engine traffic and therefore client base.

The website would continue to be hosted in house on their own servers allowing integration with the existing software and database. Data can be imported to the website system at the click of a button allowing the website to remain fresh and current at all times. Although the website is run from its own platform in effect meaning 2 separate systems, the integration is seamless.

Featured products can be selected to display on the home page from any product line or category.

In addition to the integration of the 2 systems, the website was also designed with a responsive layout. This allows the website to display optimally on all devices, whether it be PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with the layout responding automatically to the device being used.

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